How It's Done: Retrofitting Underfloor Heating with Pre-milled Drywall Plasterboards

Installation instructions

The drywall underfloor heating is a system construction kit that has been optimised for particularly quick, easy and neat installation. The installation is done with pre-milled screed panels into which the 10mm polyethylene RT heating pipes are inserted. To finish, the drywall underfloor heating elements are integrated into the existing heating system.

The use of special plug-in connections for the PE-RT pipes and Kompa boxes for temperature control simplifies the retrofitting of the FLEXIRO drywall underfloor heating so much that it is equally suitable for  professional installers or do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The following picture panels illustrate the installation steps for a dry construction kit of approximately 4.5m².

Despite the simplified installation, we must point out here that we as the manufacturer can only guarantee perfect factory delivery, but not the installation and connection by third parties. Please also observe the currently valid standards and regulations for heating systems.