Why Retrofit a Radiant Heating System?

Radiant heating systems are increasingly becoming the standard in new residential construction. This is due to the advantages of ceiling, wall and underfloor heating systems over conventional heating with radiators. What could be more self-evident than to utilise the comfort of radiant heating systems for retrofitting old buildings and modernising existing buildings? FLEXIRO kits enable retrofitting at low cost.

Underfloor Heating - heat flow in an animation video

underfloor heating

Wall Heating - heat flow in an animation video

wall heating

Heating Ceiling - heat flow in an animation video

ceiling heating

Advantages of Radiant Heating

  • Thermal comfort through radiant heat
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Free creative scope to design room interiors by eliminating intrusive radiators
  • Less air turbulence and thus fewer allergens in the indoor air
  • Better energy efficiency thanks to low supply temperatures
  • Ideal supplement to renewable energy sources such as solar thermal or geothermal energy

FLEXIRO System Kits - Retrofitting Radiant Heating at low Cost

The FLEXIRO system kits for retrofitting ceiling, wall or underfloor heating in old buildings or during modernisation enable the abovementioned benefits to be utilised in combination with the existing heating system. Individual rooms can thus be retrofitted with the climatic comfort of radiant heating without having to replace the entire heating system.

Flexibly installable 10mm PE-RT pipes, a sophisticated plug-in system, integration in drywall construction boards and the convenient connection to the existing heating system with separate temperature control make retrofitting the FLEXIRO radiant heating system a profitable project. Have a look at our installation videos.