Which Temperature Control Box suits my Project?

Our radiant heating kits offer 2 different temperature control boxes to choose from. Please check our head-to-head comparision of function ranges to make the right choice for your project.


 Multibox 4k-RTLKompabox RTL
Suitable for conventional heating systems with up to 70°C flow temperature
Suitable for radiant heating systems with a max. of 50°C flow temperature 
Return temperature limiter
Connections for bathroom radiator 
Supply shut-off
Bleed valve - Removal of air from the heating system 
Regulating spindle for hydraulic balancing 
Smarthome integration possible* 
Installation dimensions in mm (H×W×D)190×240×60150×230×60
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* For integration into an existing smarthome system the included thermostatic head can be replaced by a smarthome ready radio thermostat. The threaded connection must be 30 × 1.5 mm. The smarthome integration provides additional heating comfort and ease of us especially when combining two or more FLEXIRO heating kits.