How It Works: Retrofitting Radiant Wall Heating Using Clay Plastering

Installation instructions

Our radiant wall heating kit for plastering is a system kit that has been optimised for retrofitting existing wall surfaces as radiant heating and for integrating the heating surfaces into the existing heating system. The wall heating system in the plaster version can be used for all common plaster materials. Suitable plasters are: gypsum, lime and clay plaster.

All required components are included in a single kit. The FLEXIRO heating pipes are laid on the wall quickly and cleanly in the previously installed honeycomb pipe support elements. The installation and connection of the wall heating to the existing heating system are simplified by the use of plug-in connections and KOMPA boxes for controlling the individual room temperature, so that FLEXIRO is equally suitable for professional installers and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The following panels illustrate the steps for installing a wall heating system with clay plaster and a test setup approximately 2 m² in size.


Despite the simplified installation, we must point out here that we as the manufacturer can only guarantee perfect factory delivery, but not the installation and connection by third parties. Please also observe the currently valid standards and regulations for heating systems and for the execution of plastering work.