Retrofitting Panel Heating in Older Buildings. Why It Is a Worthwhile Project

Panel heating systems are now standard in new-build homes. Thermal comfort, low energy consumption and low preheating temperatures, which make operation together with a heat pump an interesting heating source, are all arguments in favour of using ceiling, wall or underfloor heating in new buildings. However, the advantages of panel heating can also be retrofitted in old buildings without having to replace the existing heating system. The FLEXIRO system kits allow retrofitting at low cost.


Radiation behaviour of panel heating

Underfloor Heating - heat flow in an animation video

underfloor heating

Wall Heating - heat flow in an animation video

wall heating

Heating Ceiling - heat flow in an animation video

ceiling heating

What are the arguments in favour of retrofitting a radiant panel heating system?

  • Radiant heating comfort
  • Even heat distribution
  • Free room design thanks to the absence of unsightly radiators
  • Less air turbulence and therefore fewer allergens in the air
  • Better energy efficiency due to low flow temperatures, lower heating costs
  • Ideal complement to renewable energy sources such as solar thermal, geothermal or a heat pump

FLEXIRO heating kits - retrofit panel heating where you need it

Our heating kits for selective retrofitting of surface heating in older buildings also offer the benefits listed above when used in combination with the existing heating system. Rooms with special thermal comfort requirements can be retrofitted with panel heating and connected to conventional heating systems with a flow temperature of 70°C using RTL valves.

Which panel heating system is used depends on the space conditions and individual thermal comfort requirements. Specific features are discussed on separate pages. Irrespective of whether underfloor, wall or ceiling heating is chosen, the flexible installation of the 10 mm PE-RT heating pipe, the low installation height, the well thought-out plug-in system and the possibility of integration into drylining panels make the retrofitting of FLEXIRO panel heating in old buildings a worthwhile project.

Our installation films illustrate how easy retrofitting really is.

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