Installation Guides

Image galleries and all required information for easy installation of FLEXIRO underfloor heating, wall heating or ceiling heating kits

Image gallery: Underfloor heating installation - System kit with clip rails

The installation of our water-based underfloor heating is simplified by the use of plug-in connections and Kompa boxes for single room control, so that the kits are equally suitable for professional installers and do-it-yourself enthusiasts

Picture gallery: Installing underfloor heating - System kit with knobbed mats

The knobbed plates guarantee a flexible and clean installation of the plastic pipe

Image gallery: Installing radiant wall heating - System kit with drywall construction panels

The prefabricated wall heating panels for retrofitting are installed quickly and cleanly in drywall construction.

Picture gallery: Installing wall heating - System kit for plaster system

The FLEXIRO heating pipes are laid on the wall quickly and cleanly in the previously installed honeycomb pipe support elements.

Image gallery: Step by step guide to retrofit a radiant ceiling heating with drywall panels

The installation is carried out with prefabricated drywall construction elements which already contain the polyethylene pipes. The installation instructions also illustrate the integration into into the existing heating system.

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